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Electric Desktop Room Space Heater With LED RGB light/Digital Temp Display, Electric Handy Fan Heater

Electric Desktop Room Space Heater With LED RGB light/Digital Temp Display, Electric Handy Fan Heater

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Warmth throughout fall and winter. Cool in Spring and Summer. 

Product Description:

Dual Mode - Cold and warm air dual mode allows for use both in colder and hotter weather. Stay warm in the winters and cool in the summer. 

Fast Heating - Fast and quick heating so you don't have to wait for the warm air in the cold winters. 

Digital Display  - Clear display makes the fan heater user friendly. One button to switch between hot and cold air. Lightly touching the key can switch the two air modes. Easy to operate. 

Colorful Night Light - 7 Adjustable LED light color options. Perfect night light for the kids' rooms. 

2 Wind Speed - High-density motor fan allows for two speeds of winds, High and Low. 

Intelligent Timing - One-button rest timing allows you to choose the running time for 2, 4, or 6 hours. 

Noiseless - Quiet and peaceful fan heater to provide that comfortable environment. Sleep peacefully with the fan on without worrying about the nuisance sounds of other fans. 

Portable and Easy to Carry - Light weight, User-friendly design with intimate handle allows for easy carry so you can take your fan heater anywhere. Small in size and portable so you can place it anywhere, on a desk, bedside, etc. 

Safety Protection - Comes with a variety of safety features such as automatic overheat protection, tip over protection, flame retardant materials, and good heat dissipation. The fan heater will automatically turn off when over heated or when tipped over for more than 45 degree angle. Thermal insulation design. ABS flame-retardant casing, with the separation design of PTC heating components and casing, ensures that the temperature of the casing is never too hot. 

Product Details: 

Product name: Portable desktop heater
Material: ABS Flame retardant materials
Color: White
Power: 500W~1000W
Voltage: 110v~220v
Heater type: PTC Ceramic Heating Element
Sample lead time: 1~3 working days
Production lead time 7~10 working days


Instructions and Warnings: 

Function Description:
1. Power on, the default setting temperature is 25 degrees. Firstly, the device will detect the indoor temperature. (If the
heating piece is higher than 25 degrees, the heating piece will not be heated, and it will automatically open below 25 degrees);
2. Press the time button to switch to the timing setting. “Old=Press “+-” button to set the timing time; new=press the time button
to set the time” and press the time button to switch back to the temperature setting;
3, the initial display temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature setting press the up and down keys to set the
temperature, the range is 15~32 degrees Celsius; the time setting is set to 1~12 hours;
4. Press the fan button to switch the high (HH) low (LL) two-speed fan speed;
5, reach the set temperature, cut off the heating;
6, the arrival time (not set, the default is 12 hours), cut off the heating, the fan stops, the screen displays ---;
7. After finishing the work, press any key to start working again;

Safety Precautions:
1. Be careful not to touch the metal plug when plugging or unplugging the power supply;
2. When the electrical appliance has abnormal sound, smoke, fire or flash, the power should be cut off in time;
3. Do not place flammable or explosive materials such as cloth, paper or oil around the heater.
4. Don't let children play near the hot air blower to avoid accidents. If there is a high-position socket, try to insert it in a
high position;
5. When finished, press the side switch to turn off the heater, unplug the heater from the power outlet, and place it in a dry

1. Plug the heater into the power supply (110V-250V) socket and rotate the plug to the most convenient position.
2. Press the side switch to turn on the heater
3. Control the temperature with the “+” and “-” buttons. The setting range is 15-32 degrees Celsius.
4. Choose the fan speed you want. Press the mode button to display “HH” to indicate high wind speed, then press the plus or minus
button to display “LL” for low wind speed.

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